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Austin , TX 78705
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January 16, 201811:19 AM
A transformation from metal crowns and eroded teeth ,to vibrant tooth-colored crowns and…
December 5, 201701:20 PM
Patient presented with years of neglect due to medical issues. She wanted a transformation , so…
November 17, 201703:02 PM
Get your oral health and treatment questions answered by our cosmetic dentist office.
October 24, 201709:21 AM
Transformation Tuesday is upon us and this week we present a case that was started over a year…
September 29, 201705:14 PM
Routine dental visits are critical to the health and duration of teeth. #RoutineDentalVisits #FamilyDentists…
September 26, 201702:58 PM
As a cosmetic dentist we provide you with the best solutions including dental veneers and dental bonding.…
September 19, 201706:40 PM
Braces can straighten your teeth but after, you will need to wear a retainer. #Austin #Braces #Orthodontics…
September 19, 201706:38 PM
Here is what you need to know about #DentalFillings and why your child may need them. #Austin #DentistNearMe…
September 14, 201703:05 PM
Many people have heard about dentures, but most of our patients what to know what the differences.…
September 6, 201704:42 PM
Get the facts about seeing a dentist and learn what is fact and fiction. #Austin #Dentist #DentistNearMe…
September 6, 201704:41 PM
Visit our office to find out if you are an ideal candidate for dentures treatment. #Dentures #Treatment #Vida…
September 5, 201701:52 PM
Invisalign® is a fantastic way to straighten your teeth and to improve your smile. #Invisalign #CosmeticDentist…
July 10, 201704:27 PM
Reasons to have #DentalImplants placed quickly & alternative solutions if you don't. #Austin />
April 20, 201711:31 AM
Happy Birthday!!! Thanks for spending your birthday morning with us and allowing us to get you…
November 2, 201606:36 PM
November 2, 201606:24 PM
October 27, 201604:32 PM
Always learning, striving for excellence, to be the best. Come in for your free implant…
October 17, 201608:59 AM
Boss's day! Thanks to our great team for making us smile on a Monday. #vidadental…
October 13, 201611:40 AM
Goodluck this basketball season! Vida Dental is cheering you on!! @Cougar_hoops #vidadental…
October 7, 201605:53 PM
October 4, 201610:45 AM
"Great service and very affordable, quality care. ..." - Read the full review:
October 4, 201610:40 AM
"Friendly and focused, the staff takes very good ..." - Read the full review:
September 28, 201601:39 PM
September 28, 201601:37 PM
September 27, 201609:52 PM
September 23, 201612:25 PM
"MY FAMILY HAVE BEEN COMING HERE FOR MORE 3+YRS AN..." - Read the full review:
September 23, 201612:25 PM
"Vida Dental is pretty awesome. The staff is all h..." - Read the full review:
July 6, 201611:35 AM
We get pretty excited to see our patients come back for another teeth cleaning. Schedule an appointment today!
July 4, 201611:05 AM
June 28, 201610:50 AM
Best part of being a dentist is making you smile. Be the reason someone smiles today!

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We are a dental practice focused on providing exceptional dentistry to families in Austin, nearby cities and the wider Travis County area. We have a number of amenities to help patients relax and feel at ease at our Vida Dental offices. You wont find a friendlier team of dental professionals anywhere else in the state of Texas. At Vida Dental, we encourage positive working relationships between our patients and dental professionals. You will not only receive excellence in dentistry, but you will gain an education on best dental practices to keep your teeth and smile healthy and radiant. With Vida Dental, finances and insurance are made easy, too. We will work with you to ensure you are fully covered for all the dental care you need. If Vida Dental sounds like the dental experience you have been looking for, contact a member of our team to arrange your first visit.
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711 West 38th Street, Unit B-10
Austin, TX 78705

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